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merlin meme

[4/4] colours; Yellow

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"I’m just gonna ask you 73 questions in an unreasonably short amount of time.”

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These are a few of my favourite things (◡‿◡✿) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

I look around at us, you know what I see? Losers. I mean, like, folks who have lost stuff. And we have, man, we have! All of us! Our homes, our families, normal lives. And usually life takes more than it gives, but not today. Today it’s given us somethin’. It has given us a chance. To give a shit. For once, not run away.

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mccall pack + minimalistic 

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And it makes me think about that quote Jennifer used as start of our first class; ‘Cause when I feel it, it’s like.. I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.’

”So what do you do instead?”

I   l o o k   f o r   m y   f r i e n d s .

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The Hunger Games Trilogy Posters Redesigned (insp)

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TEEN WOLF AU » Game of Thrones (Part 2) requested by phoenixsjoauin

"Our story continues with Derek Velaryon, Isaac Baratheon, Malia Lannister, and Kira Arryn. Derek Velaryon is a young lord of the island of Driftmark, often travelling to King’s Landing and Dragonstone. Isaac Baratheon is a young knight in training, soon to be fighting in the war with his father. Malia Lannister, princess of King’s Landing and Casterly Rock, is a troublemaker. Often donning a peasant cloak and wandering the streets of King’s Landing. As young children her nanny would let her play with Derek when his parents were visiting. She greets Derek still whenever he is in the city against her father’s wishes. Kira Arryn is the lovely Lady of the Vale. As a child, she often played with Allison Tully of Riverrun, but it has been years since they’ve seen each other. Kira is mostly isolated from the rest of Westeros due to the mass of security of the Eyrie, but she longs for adventure."

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