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This is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends.

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Arya Stark as Artemis
↳ In the classical period of Greek mythology, Artemis was often described as the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women; she often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows. The deer, wolves, and the cypress were sacred to her.

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can i stay at your place? no hobo

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ca + Who the hell is Bucky?

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Frozen characters in Once Upon A Time 

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He’s down and it’s ugly! Dragons and Vikings, enemies again!

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“You know when you’re drowning, you don’t actually inhale until right before you black out. It’s called voluntary apnea. It’s like no matter how much you’re freaking out, the instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding. Then when you finally do let it in, that’s when it stops hurting. It’s not scary anymore, it’s… it’s actually kind of peaceful.”

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You know what’s funny? I get mistaken for the guy on Supernatural. People are like, “You know what? You look like that guy from Supernatural.” I’m like, “I get that all the time. That’s really cool! I’m gonna have to start watching the show.”

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Amy Pond Appreciation Day - Day 3: Favorite Relationship/Friendship

Amy Pond & The Eleventh Doctor

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